What Yoga is Not: Removing Misconceptions

Sweet is something which is not bitter can help us to understand the nature of sweet more easily than trying to explain what sweet is. Similarly understanding what ‘yoga is not’, can help us to better grasp the meaning of yoga than trying to go headlong to define yoga. Ancient Origin of Yoga Yoga originatedContinue reading “What Yoga is Not: Removing Misconceptions”

Understanding Yoga with the Help of Classical Definitions

Today Yoga has become synonymous with Asana practice. Asana has become the most prominent aspect of Yoga. Asana is one of the ways to approach yoga, which is a way of life to develop deeper awareness about ourselves. The scope of Yoga portrayed in classical texts like Yogsutra and Bhagavadgita is far more comprehensive andContinue reading “Understanding Yoga with the Help of Classical Definitions”