What is Wisdom?

Wisdom arises in the moments of pure relaxation. Wisdom is to see the things as they are and not as they appear. But to ‘see’ things are they are, cannot be accomplished from the surface layers of mind which are always agitated and disturbed and from where we normally operate. A deeply calm, subtle andContinue reading “What is Wisdom?”

Useful Tools of Jnana Yoga for Cultivating Yoga Practice

The goal of Yoga is freedom. It is the freedom from the bondage of mind and its modifications for the realization of our true identity. Jnana Yoga is classified as one of the four major paths of Yoga, leading to the common goal of freedom. Whether you practice Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar Yoga or any otherContinue reading “Useful Tools of Jnana Yoga for Cultivating Yoga Practice”